Contest Rules

In the interest of providing a fair and competitive environment for all participants, the following rules have designed and set into place by the judging body. Violation of any rule will result in the potential disqualification of the violating team.

Winter 2017 Contest Rules

  1. Students must work in groups of two, three, or four.
  2. Collaboration between groups is not expected/recommended as this is a competition. Should some collaboration need to occur the, collaboration should not be with an exclusive subset of other groups. All collaboration between groups (e.g. sharing answers from questions; code examples; etc.) should use the forum to share that information with all teams so no groups are unfairly excluded.
  3. Groups must be approved by their coordinating instructor.
  4. The official contest problem will be revealed on this site on 11/29/16.
  5. All submissions are due by midnight on 2/17/17.
  6. Your submission should be your solution, not the solution of your parents, instructor, or a programmer for hire.
  7. The use of third party software in your solution is encouraged, as long as the source of the software is cited.
  8. Each team must register through this site to be officially recognized as participants.
  9. Specific details of the submission will be provided in the contest problem.
  10. The winning team will be revealed at the submissions presentation day on 3/18/17 at the IDT offices in Arlington, VA.